Build bitcoin-enabled applications using Java, Kotlin, Scala, Clojure etc. Validate, construct, parse and manipulate bitcoin transactions with this library that integrates with your favourite JVM-based language. The perfect companion for server-side blockchain computing.

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A library for "ubiquitous computing". Build multi-platform bitcoin applications using Dart/Flutter that work on Mobile, Desktop and Server-side. Take advantage of the fluid semantics of our Transaction Builder to easily verify, construct and manipulate bitcoin transactions.

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Our libraries are full-featured, and pass all automated tests of the latest BitcoinSV Node reference implementation.
Feature Supported
HD Key Derivation (BIP32)
Mnemonic Seed Support (BIP39)
A built-in Bitcoin Script Interpreter
Original Bitcoin Address format
Custom Transaction Builder
P2PKH Transactions
P2SH Transactions
P2MS Transactions (multisig)
P2PK Transactions
OP-RETURN Data Transactions
Spendable Data Transactions
Bitcoin Signed Messages
ECIES Encryption / Decryption
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