Test Mode Configuration

The bitcoin node is configured via a file called bitcoind.conf. This file is expected to reside in the data folder of your bitcoin node installation. This folder is located at $BITCOIN_HOME/data; and the config file should be located at $BITCOIN_HOME/data/bitcoind.conf. This configuration file should be created if it does not exists.

For our Regression Test Node setup, we will configure the following parameters :

Setting Description value
daemon Set to (1) if we want to run in daemon mode (background) 0
regtest Set to (1) to run a regression test node 1
txindex Maintain a full transaction index,used by the getrawtransaction rpc call 1
rpcbind IP address for JSON-RPC Server to bind to 1
rpcport TCP port where JSON-RPC Server will listen for requests 1
whitelist Do not require local clients to authenticate to the JSON-RPC Server
debug More verbose logging. Useful. 1
excessiveblocksize Maximum block size that the node will accept 2000000000
maxstackmemoryusageconsensus Maximum amount of memory that a Script can consume during evaluation. 200000000

NOTE: BitcoinSV Node software has moved a consensus model wherein the block sizes are completed uncapped, and the maximum sizes are determined through miner-consensus. These settings are documented at the Choosing Consensus Settings page of the Bitcoin SV client node website.

Our bitcoind.conf will look as follows:

# Use the regtest network, because we can generate blocks as needed.

# The use of bitcoin cash address format is deprecated. Disable.
# In this example, we will keep bitcoind running in one terminal window.
# So we don't need it to run as a daemon.

# Have our local node generate a transaction index to allow for faster queries

# RPC settings (inbound RPC connections)


# Enable the JSON-RPC Server. This is required by bitcoin-cli.

# In this example we are only interested in receiving raw transactions.
# The address here is the URL where bitcoind will listen for new ZeroMQ connection requests.

#See https://bitcoinsv.io/choosing-consensus-settings/
# 2Gb execessive block size
# 200Mb max stack memory

Set the environment variable $BITCOIN_HOME to the directory where you installed the bitcoin client node.

export BITCOIN_HOME=~/bin/bitcoin-sv-1.0.3

We can now start our node by running the following command:

$BITCOIN_HOME/bin/bitcoind -datadir=$BITCOIN_HOME/data

You can monitor the log for the Regression Test Mode as follows :

tail -f $BITCOIN_HOME/data/regtest/bitcoind.log